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Meet the Campaign Team

David Alden

Campaign Manager

After a civil engineering career that took him up and down the West Coast, Dave settled in Petaluma in 2002 where he became an advocate for sustainable land-use patterns and good government. He supports Lizzie Wallack for City Council because her background in design and architecture gives her a good foundation for making wise decisions on development proposals and because of her inclusive concern for all Petalumans.

Jenny Photo.jpg


Jenny Griffo

Asst. Campaign Manager

Jenny is the co-owner of Griffo Distillery in Petaluma, a developer of small apartment buildings, mother of three, former educator and graduate of Stanford. She loves to find ways to build community and create positive change both locally and internationally. However, kicking money out of politics and getting Lizzie Wallack elected currently ranks number 1. Let's do this Petaluma.

Marissa La Brecque_Headshot.jpg

Marissa La Brecque Communications Director


Marissa La Brecque is a communications strategist living in Petaluma. She can't wait to see her town become it's best, most equitable self.

David Friedman_Headshot.jpg

David Freedman

Yard Sign Manager

David has lived in Petaluma and worked locally for almost forty years, his children and grand-children have grown up here. He cares deeply about Petaluma and all of the residents. As a design professional Lizzie Wallack is patient and disciplined. David believes that Lizzie Wallack understands how important it is to design practical, affordable communities, and because Lizzie visualizes in three dimensions, she has a profound sense of proportion and equity.

Harmony Hayes_Headshot 2.jpg


Harmony Hayes

Event Coordinator

Harmony has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 18 years. She currently holds the title of vice president of operations for Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees. Prior to joining GCIR, she worked at The San Francisco Foundation for the Koshland Program where she collaborated with resident leaders in low-income neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area on community and economic development projects. Harmony holds an M.A. in Economic Development from The University of San Francisco. Harmony has lived in Petaluma for 8 years, and her two sons attend Live Oak and Cherry Valley schools.

Nohelia Delgado_Headshot.jpg

Noheila Delgado

Advisor / Translator

Nohelia moved from Mexico to the U.S. thirteen years ago. She fell in love with Petaluma and is happy to raise her two small children in its vibrant community. She supports Lizzie because of her inclusive ideals and her desire to make Petaluma a better place to live for all.

Elizabeth Mori  Steve_Headshot.jpg

Elizabeth & Stephen Mori


Lauren Smith_Headshot.jpg

Lauren Smith


Lauren is a Petaluma native, an entrepreneur and the mother of two young children. Growing up in Petaluma and then returning here as an adult with a family of her own, she is constantly reminded of how lucky she is to be a member of this community, and to live in this beautiful place. Lauren believes that Lizzie’s focus on inclusivity and sustainability will have tremendous positive effects for the future of Petaluma and the people who live here, and she thrilled to support her candidacy for City Council!

Madeline Backman

Volunteer Coordinator & Advisor

Madeline is a Petaluma mom, historic home renovator, gardener, local board member, community organizer and volunteer. She is proud to support Lizzie's campaign for City Council because she has always been impressed with her ability to listen and stand up for Petaluma.

Naomi Crawford_Headshot.jpg

Naomi Crawford

Advisor / Local Business

Naomi is a community organizer, a restaurant owner, a mother of two teenagers in the public school system, and a huge fan of people who work to make Petaluma a better place for all. She knows that Lizzie Wallack is also one of those people, and she has both the vision and the teamwork skills needed to make our City Council more representative of our city, more agile in its response to the changing world, and a better partner to the business community.

Stephanie Blake_Headshot.jpg

Stephanie Blake


A mother and a business owner, Stephanie and her family moved to Petaluma from Brooklyn, NY for its values, warmth and community. In this challenging time, she is invested in seeing the Petaluma City Council uphold the values that attracted her family to come here in the first place. A decade ago, Stephanie built a business founded on the creative use of physical environments to foster community and culture in cities large and small across the nation. She is eager to take a local lens and apply what she has learned here in Petaluma. Stephanie found a kindred creative spirit in Lizzie and recognizes her thoughtful commitment, work ethic and responsive vision to create a more just and sustainable Petaluma. 

Brandon Trammell_Headshot.jpg

Brandon Trammell

Advisor / Local Business

Brandon is a passionate advocate for Environmental Sustainability, taking a stand for Social Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI). Seeing these values in Lizzie, Brandon is excited to help her bring in the new age of leadership here in our beautiful town.

Elizabeth Howland_Headshot.jpg

Elizabeth Howland


Elizabeth Howland, co-founder of Friends of the Petaluma River, is a long time resident of Petaluma, raised her children here and now is watching her grand children grow up in the community. She is supporting Lizzie Wallack for City Council because our City is at a crossroads; facing the challenges of climate change, inadequate housing, serious financial constraints and critical decisions that will affect Petaluma for generations to come. It’s time for a change in those who are making the decisions.

Bill Wolpert_Headshot.jpg

Bill Wolpert


As a local architect and former Planning Commissioner, I know that Lizzie’s education and professional experience will bring creative problem solving to the City Council.

Sarah Dunham_Headshot.jpg

Sarah Dunham


Sarah is a partner at MTWTF, a design studio that creates communication tools that foster discussion and facilitate change. Sarah is excited to join the campaign team in support of Lizzie because she knows her to be an empathetic and thoughtful person, someone who feels strongly about building dialogue and creating an inclusive community. Sarah believes that these qualities would enable Lizzie to bring an important perspective in conversation with other members of the City Council and she is proud to support her campaign.

Joseph Perez-Green


Joseph is a designer in Oakland, a founder of a small architecture and furniture studio, Manual Labor. He lived in Petaluma between 2005-2008. After knowing Lizzie for the last 13 years and spending those 13 years talking with her about ways to make our world better and more equitable he is in full support and looks forward to seeing Lizzie Wallack as a Petaluma City Council member.

Paige Green


Paige is a documentary and portrait photographer, in Petaluma, California, whose storytelling approach to photography frequently addresses issues involving agriculture, land use, and food.

Ramin Rahimian_Headshot.jpg

Ramin Rahimian


Ramin is a freelance photographer and a work-from-home father of two young girls in Petaluma. Ramin is more than excited to photograph and support Lizzie and her campaign adventures.

Adam Katz_Headshot.jpg

Adam Katz

Biggest Fan / Husband

Adam is Lizzie's husband and trusted partner, he is flexible and grounded and always looking for those commonalities which allow people to see eye to eye.  Adam has proudly stepped up to both help Lizzie find enough space to fully commit to the city of Petaluma while keeping a relatively sane home life and provide the late night sounding board required to help Lizzie maintain her voice in policy discussions.

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