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Lizzie Wallack has been endorsed by over eighteen years of mayoral leadership in Petaluma! 


Mayor Teresa Barrett, Former Mayor Pamela Torliatt (2007-10), and Former Mayor David Glass (2003-06, 2011-16)

November 3rd will be the most important election in our lifetime, all the way from a national level to our local Petaluma City Council. It is time for a change! It is time for Petaluma to have a City Council that reflects our values: more productive, thoughtful, caring, and health driven. We must be willing to insist on higher standards. Our community needs new representation to address our challenges of land use, transportation, infrastructure and economic development in ways that protect our environment and preserve our character.

Lizzie Wallack is a small business owner and a design professional; highly skilled and qualified to provide the expertise and fresh perspective we need to make our city work for young families and seniors alike.


For too long Petaluma decisions have been directed by out-of-town developers and approved by council majorities controlled by these incumbents. They have consistently met the needs of the developers that fund their campaigns. The developers see it as an investment and they have gotten much more than a fair rate of return on those expenditures leaving us without viable traffic solutions, flood protection or adequate recreational facilities.


D'Lynda Fischer

Council Member








Lizzie Wallack is the voice we need on the City Council. Her rock solid, steady hand will help guide us to a more sustainable and equitable future. She understands what is needed to create thriving communities now and for generations to come.

David Keller

Former Council Member


Coalition for a Better Sonoma County

Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Color-1.png
National Union of HealthCare Workers - E

Elizabeth Mori

Bill Wolpert

Dave Alden

Urban Chat

Elizabeth Howland

Diane Gentile

Community activist

Jenny Griffo

Griffo Distillery

Heather Jennings

John Crowley

Aqus Cafe

Natasha Juliana

Lizzie's message is clear. "If there was ever a moment for change, this is it." I can't agree more, and this change starts with us, at home in Petaluma.

Caitlin Quinn

Board Member

Petaluma School Board

Mady Cloud

Board Clerk

Petaluma School Board

Adam Katz

No one is as appropriately qualified to sit on the City Council as Lizzie. She has the experience and passion ensure Petaluma moves forward together.

Kailea Frederick

​As the Vice-Chair of the Petaluma Climate Action Commission, I am eager for the opportunity to work with council members who are creating solutions through a lens of social justice and climate action. Lizzie’s commitment to understanding how the threads of these themes interrelate with all the issues we need to tackle, will only support the continued building of a healthy and just Petaluma for all.

Naomi Crawford


As a person who has been organizing Petalumans to be more vested in our community, I have gotten so much inspiration from Lizzie. She has the big picture vision to inspire us all, and she’s such a great collaborator that I know she’ll work with all of us stakeholders to build a more just, sustainable, beautiful community!

Devin Castles

Beverly Voloshin

Maia Hirschbein

I believe in Lizzie's ability to include all voices, build a more sustainable Petaluma, and I respect her background as a design professional and resident.

Charlie Schneider

Halley Cloud

Vanessa Luna Shannon

Director, Santa Rosa Junior College Petaluma Campus

Committee Member, Transit Advisory Committee, City of Petaluma

Board Secretary, Petaluma Health Center










​Lizzie Wallack is the leader we need on our City Council. As a design professional, she has the knowledge and experience to plan affordable-by-design housing which leads to inclusive communities. In fact, inclusivity is a core value of Lizzie's and one which is critical to be an effective equity leader for all Petalumans. Please join me in voting for Lizzie Wallack for Petaluma City Council!

Profile Pic.jpeg

Sarah Seitchik Sebastian

(ella:she/ Elle:they)
Petaluma community member since 2005
Co-Founder TIDE
Real Estate Advisor










Lizzie and I have endeavored together in many aspects of life from community involvement (we have share care for our toddlers, Planned Parenthood fundraisers & TIDE) to professionally in architecture and real estate. 
In every instance we have experienced challenge and triumph and through it all Lizzie has been transparent in her beliefs and needs, thorough in her due diligence and follow through and dedicated and loyal to listening to her community, family and clients and co creating the solutions with them. 

It has been an honor to be in community with her and I am excited to support and endorse her personally in her run for City Council.


Jocelyn Lin 

Former Planning Commissioner 

City of Petaluma

Nick Rodin

Owner of Petaluma Tattoo

Artist, Tattooist, Father + Petaluman

Zahyra Garcia 

Chair Commissioner on Human Rights, VP of NBOP, Co-Chair of Indivisible Petaluma, Parent + Petaluman

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