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Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:


Petaluma and its residents have critical issues in our shared future. 


The Covid restrictions, which are likely to continue for many more months, have wreaked havoc on local businesses and household budgets.  We're desperately short of housing, especially for those most impacted by Covid. 


Climate change is looming ever closer, with fire and areas of inundation as steadily increasing risks.  The municipal budget, still reeling from the great recession of a decade ago, is again under stress with only limited and unsatisfactory options. 


The General Plan that will map our steps through the next two decades will be written over the next few years. 


Councilmembers who can think about only one problem at a time are not suited to address this uncertain future.  Instead, we need Petalumans who can grasp the interactions of multiple problems and build coalitions around comprehensive solutions. 


We would benefit from leaders with design backgrounds, which build the ability to interweave multiple threads, and also from leaders with a deep and sincere empathy for those most impacted by the coming challenges. 


We have several Council candidates worthy of our support but Lizzie Wallack best integrates the skills we need for our looming future.  That's the reason I'm playing a role in her campaign.  I ask you to join me in supporting her.


Dave Alden

Dear Editor, 


We have an opportunity to elect Petaluma CIty Council members who will lead our City during this time of catastrophe and anxiety.  We need visionary and expert City leadership  to grapple with complexities of urban planning and  budget constraints in this  time of climate crisis. We need leadership committed to the social and physical well being of ALL of our CIty’s residents including seniors, young families and our residents struggling with the fallout of the COVID pandemic.


Lizzie Wallack is an architect and small business owner with experience in neighborhood transformation and preservation. She works  daily with strategic plans, and budget constraints.   Lizzie has the long view. She sees the possibilities and obstacles within each decision, for example  how to create enough affordable housing for our residents, or how to best transform our Fairgrounds into a vibrant center for all our residents, or how to create a better transportation system for our City. Lizzie is a leader in parent groups, working to ensure our children thrive in an environment supporting diversity.


We cannot continue to do business as usual. We need leadership focused on supporting our City’s unique neighborhoods, meeting the needs of our vulnerable residents,  while planning for a challenging future. 


Join me in voting for Lizzie Wallack for Petaluma City Council.


Elizabeth Emery Mori



We need Lizzie Wallack on the Petaluma City Council. The most critical reason is that the Planning Commission and the City Council are without practicing architects or design professionals. If you look around Petaluma you can see the impact of this.

With over a decade working in architecture, she has the real life experience and skills that we need in Petaluma. My favorite project she worked on was the redevelopment of Octavia Street. I happened to have lived one block from this project and experienced how it brought that area back to life.

Her design process began with six months of listening to businesses and residents to determine how they wanted to see Octavia evolve. It was an iterative development process that resulted in a stunning use of space. Meant to be temporary, it is still thriving today.

This next City Council will determine the future of the fairgrounds and the general plan. It will require listening, respect for who Petaluma is, transparent relationships with good developers and an architectural background. I can’t imagine someone more important to have representing us Petalumans than Wallack in that process.

This next City Council will determine the future of Petauma. Let's make sure it's the future we want.

Jenny Griffo

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