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Three Pillars of My Platform

Housing must be a human right. 

And not just any housing, but housing that connects to the lives being lived.  If children attending our schools are sleeping in cars or if waitstaff delivering meals are commuting from fifty miles away, those are not acceptable.

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Petaluma must have broad-based and diverse economic activity, including manufacturing, retail, and professional services, to position itself to weather national economic shifts while continuing to provide secure lives for its residents. And the challenge is now complicated by Covid-19.

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Economic Vibrancy

Our current transportation system doesn’t serve us well; it’s overly

car-reliant which has climate impacts, it’s in mediocre condition because of funding constraints, and it’s insufficiently supportive of the alternatives of walking, bicycling, and transit.

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The Foundations Beneath the Pillars

Working towards increased social justice is what public officials are elected to do. It is their job.

The true definition of social justice is to organize with others to meet the needs of the entire community, equitably. Everyone deserves equal economic, political, and social rights and opportunities. 

Petaluma is currently falling short.

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Social Justice

Climate change is no longer a theory.  It is here, right now.

As a City, we must make immediate and significant changes to our lives to ensure that the lives of those who follow us can be healthy and successful.

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Environmental & Climate Action

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