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for a sustainable and inclusive Petaluma

Lizzie Wallack has been endorsed by over eighteen years of

mayoral leadership in Petaluma! Read more here.

So here I am. Here we are. In this time of a global pandemic and failed national leadership. In a time of deep national reckoning. If there was ever a moment for change, this is it. On a national level. And on a local level.

Now is the time that we must make our communities better. Now is the time to invest in our children and our city like we never have before. Now is the time to dive deep into our policies, structures, budgets and plans and ensure that they are inclusive, equitable and sustainable. Now is the time to listen to the wonderful voices in our community and ask them what they need and what they want. Now is the time that we ask ourselves who we must become and how we will get there. 


Petalumans, now is the time.

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